Things to do after you install WordPress

After you install WordPress, there are some options that need to be configured. Now these settings, may not fit for everyone, but these are what I think are good for any WordPress site.

As you gain more experience with WordPress, you may adjust these or other settings to fit your needs.



  • Set your Site Title and tagline
  • Set you time zone
  • Date and time formats
  • Click on Save Changes


  • Click on  Custom Structure, delete what’s in there and paste in /%category%/%postname%/
  • Under the Category base put a period “.” in the box.
  • Click on Save Changes


Installed Plugins

  • Delete Akismet Anti-Spam and Holly Dolly



  • Delete the themes not used


Add User

  • If you are using a generic admin account, I suggest to create another personal admin account as you will use daily.
  • So if you ever forget your account, you can always log into the main generic admin account.
  • When creating your self a new account, be sure to set the role as Administrator