How to configure WPVivid for WordPress

Backups are the most crucial part of having a website. Unless you want to rebuilt from scratch. My favorite plugin by far is WPVivid. The free version gives you everything you need to backup your site.

Before you begin you will need a remote location to store your backups. You can use Dropbox, Google drive, ftp server and more.

If you do not have anything, and do not want to use your Google docs, then I suggest getting a free account from Dropbox. The 2GB of storage should be plenty for most sites.

Log into your WordPress site and install and activate plugin from WPVivid called Migration, Backup, Staging – WPvivid Backup and Migration Plugin

  • Click on Remote Storage tab
  • Click on Dropbox Logo
  • In the first box, enter in unique alias you can type in any name. I suggest the name of your website
  • Click on Authenticate with Dropbox (You may get logged out of your WordPress. You will have to log back in)

You will get a Prompt to authenticate, click Allow

Once it get added you will see it listed below.

Click on the 2nd tab called Schedule

Check the box for Enable backup schedule

Click on Settings tab

Click on Advanced Settings

Check the box Enable optimization mode for web hosting/shared hosting

Scroll down and click Save Changes

You have now setup the following

  • Your site will get backed up automatically to the time you selected
  • Backups will get uploaded to the remote server you selected
  • backup copy will get removed from your hosting account (saving you space on your account)

If you want to run the first backup manually, or if you ever want to do a backup, before making any changes to your site,

  • Click on WPVivid Backup > Backup and Restore
  • Click on the bullet Send Backup to Remote Storage: HIghlighted icon is the active one
  • Click on Backup now button

You have now created your first backup.

Once your backup is completed, you will see if in the list below. You can download it, restore your site from it, or delete it.